Charitable support available for those in financial hardship

Have you ever wondered about grant-giving charities in the United Kingdom, and whether they still serve a useful purpose in a modern society?

Many people are completely unaware that there may be charitable support available to them in their time of financial hardship, when they have no one else to turn to, and have exhausted all other avenues of support.

Charities still play a vital role by helping needy individuals in small ways which can make a big difference.

There are thousands of charities countrywide that are there to give one-off grants to those in desperate need, and a limited number that allocate small weekly allowances.

There are also charities linked to the type of work you may have done, and others that help because you are suffering from a particular illness or disability.

But how do you, as an individual, find the best one for you?

Charity Search team

The Charity Search team

Charity Search offers a free service to those aged 50 and above, by searching for the most appropriate charities for them to contact for assistance.

We have given advice to thousands of individuals in the 27 years since the charity was registered and feedback from grateful clients confirms the need for our effective service.

In recent times we have sign-posted clients to charities that have allocated them grants which have improved the quality of their life, from the lady who lost her hair from cancer treatment and couldn’t afford a new wig, to the elderly fellow who desperately needed new carpets as his were worn and unsafe.

If you think we can help you, or maybe there is someone you know that could use our services, and are aged 50 or over, please contact us in any of the ways listed below.

All enquiries are treated in the strictest confidence by one of our friendly and sympathetic team.


Tel: 0117 9824060 Mon-Fri 9am to 2pm

by Wendy Wiltshire, Caseworker Charity Search

Charity Registration No. 296999