Mature Times travel writer Nigel Heath was delighted to see that his poem Lockdown Summer, which we published at the beginning of the lockdown in March, received over four hundred viewings.

This has prompted him to think that there must be many readers who also enjoy writing poetry and might be interested in contributing to an online collection.

If so, please feel free to contact him by emailing

Meanwhile Nigel and his trekking friend Peter Gibbs, whose walking adventures we have published along the way, are now setting out on The Coleridge Way from Nether Stowey in Somerset to Lynmouth and he will be publishing his report in due course.

And to give you a bit of inspiration here’s Nigel’s latest poem – The Return Of The Wanderer:-


He rests his weary walking limbs,
On seat on village green,
The path behind now trodden,
The one in front unseen,
Heavy pack beside him,
His thoughts back to break of day,
When the road was calling,
He knew he could not stay,
Just one more week my love, her plea
He still could hear her say,
A tear upon her rosy cheek,
He had to look away,
Darling one more week, he said
Will become another year,
Sadly, the road is calling,
And to her I must adhere,
The highway’s my companion
She is my wandering love,
I want to feel the earth beneath,
And gaze at the stars above,
But all that day he’d pondered,
As he followed along the trail,
Through field and spring green woodland,
But all to no avail,
It was still the single tear that fell
Which rent his heart in two,
He could not banish it from mind,
As most true wanderer do,
Who was this temptress of the road?
And why to her be true?
Hefting pack on shoulders,
He strode back across the green,
The path behind more trodden,
The road ahead unseen.