British public support feeds front line NHS workers

British public support feeds front line NHS workers

Meals for the NHS is a UK not for profit tech platform that kicked off in under a week. 100% of all donations made to the platform are going to keeping NHS workers in meals that are not snacks from vending machines.

The initial target was to raise £250k, a sum that has already been exceeded with in excess of £540k already in the bank and being used to provide this valuable and uplifting service for our key workers. In fact the campaign has been so successful that the initial target has now been increased to £1m.

Keeping the NHS workers healthy with balanced meals is key to ensuring they are also supported in this unprecedented crisis. The daily health and wellness of key staff is crucial for maintaining the momentum of staff and their own health during this time.

The meals are prepared and delivered by local restaurants direct to staff at the hospitals and let’s not forget these restaurants have also been severely impacted by this crisis. The money raised goes directly to these local businesses, who are preparing and delivering the food to the hospitals direct.

Speed is key to this project, so no one is left hungry while working through this crisis.

Grateful NHS staff with their meals at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery

Some of the uplifting comments already received from grateful NHS staff include:-

“The staff in the NHS are so used to getting nothing back, that when we started receiving the odd sandwich during the shift, we felt so grateful. Tonight for the first time being supplied a hot meal, you can’t understand the impact that it has had on the nurses – especially during a gruelling shift” Matron, Kings College Hospital

“Any food would be so appreciated; the hospital canteen shuts in the evening and the food shops are empty. Anything at the weekend would be the most helpful. Thank you so much for this, we all appreciate it massively” Doctor, Royal London Hospital

“Hot meals for people they can heat up are useful – I will be staying at a hotel with nothing open after I finish an evening shift” Medical Registrar, Royal Free Hospital

How do you get involved?

That’s simple – just visit the website where you can donate and help feed our wonderful NHS workers.