Alfie: From only just surviving, to absolutely thriving

Alfie: From only just surviving, to absolutely thriving

Tiny Shetland pony Alfie, along with his friends Tyrian and Tinkerbell, were rescued by equine welfare charity Bransby Horses in November 2017.

Two-year-old pony Alfie was in a very severe condition. On his arrival, his body condition was assessed as just zero out of five on the horse body condition score chart, meaning that he was severely emaciated. There was no fatty tissue or muscle covering his delicate body, and with his skin pulled taught over his bones and his sunken rump, he was a living skeleton. Frail Alfie weighed a meagre 35kg.

He was extremely lethargic when the Welfare Team from Bransby Horses went to rescue him and sadly he collapsed from exhaustion in the trailer and had to be lifted manually by the team.

Once Bransby Horses got him safely to their rescue centre in Lincolnshire, Alfie, along with Tyrian and Tinkerbell who were also suffering, were monitored around the clock and brought back to health.

As well as his emaciation, blood tests revealed further severe health issues that could only be treated once the delicate Shetland regained some of his strength.

Along with the charity’s vets, the dedicated and professional Animal Reception Centre team developed a robust recovery and rehabilitation programme. Alfie was tended to and cared for by the tired yet hopeful team, and he began to make progress on the road to recovery.

He’s a little fighter

Thanks to Bransby Horses, Alfie is going from strength to strength. His personality is shining through and he loves all of the attention he gets from staff and visitors. Alfie now has a promising future ahead, living free from hunger, pain and suffering.

Bransby Horses was founded by the late Mr Peter Hunt in 1968. The charity has grown significantly over the last 50 years and is now one of the largest equine welfare charities in the UK.

Set in 600 acres of Lincolnshire countryside and including a state-of-the-art intensive care unit, a Specialist Handling Yard and a Rehoming Barn. The Visitor Centre is open 362 days per year, and includes a Café, Gift Shop and Children’s Play Park.

Committed to improving equine welfare, care is provided through rescue, rehabilitation, rehoming and providing a safe haven for over 400 equines. There are also more than 400 rescued equines in foster homes under their Friend for Life Rehoming Scheme.

The vital work is funded entirely by legacies and public donations. Please consider leaving a lasting legacy by providing a gift to Bransby Horses in your Will or becoming a regular donor.

Give the gift of warmth

With your kind gift, Bransby Horses can continue giving horses like Alfie a life they deserve. With a small donation of £10 you can contribute to provide warm winter mashes for a week, which is essential for those with worn teeth. With £20 you can give four ponies a cosy bed of straw or with a gift of £50 you can provide a rug for a pony this winter.

There are lots of ways to get involved, please visit or telephone 01427 788464.

Thank you