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Book of the Week

From Liverpool With Love by  Lyn Andrews

Lyn Andrews is a prolific writer, she is Liverpool born and bred but has lived in Ireland, so many of her novels are based around the areas she knows well.

From Liverpool with Love pack shot“From Liverpool With Love” is a brilliant read, written with Lyn’s excellent style and knowledge of Liverpool’s past trial and tribulations.  In parts it is gritty and almost distressing, evoking real emotion about how life was in the 1920’s for families left destitute (with no benefits system to support them).  The story line centres around a brother and sister sent to the Workhouse with their mother.

The diverse paths that they take from the same upbringing is fascinating to follow and “heart in the mouth” page turning in its intensity.  The contrast between the “sewer” depths that Alfie descends into and the life that Jane aspires to weaves through the pages and their final confrontation takes your breath away.  Around this storyline is the relationships Jane has with the two men in her life, who are from very different backgrounds.

I do get slightly frustrated with her “true love” but it does keep you wondering whether they will ever be together.  Jane’s final dilemma (career/true love), and the decision she makes, leaves me a little disappointed but maybe I am getting cynical in my old age!

Hilary Bennett

Published in hardback by Headline on 12th March priced £14.99