Celebrate the magic of the UK’s wildlife with the new Back from the Brink Film and Photography Competition

Celebrate the magic of the UK’s wildlife with the new Back from the Brink Film and Photography Competition

Back from the Brink, which is funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, is one of the most ambitious conservation projects in the UK, and is looking for filmmakers and photographers to help draw attention to our vanishing wildlife.

The project, which aims to save 20 species from the brink of extinction, including the Cornish Path Moss, the Shrill Carder Bee and the Narrow-headed Ant, is inviting filmmakers and photographers of all ages to celebrate the magic of wildlife and landscapes they discover in and around the UK.

With eight different film categories on offer, including a Young Person’s Award for 13 to 18 years old and four categories for photography, including a Storytelling Award, the aim is to encourage a creative approach. Successful competitors will need to produce and present stories with a strong narrative about our natural world, inspiring people to discover, value and act for the UK’s wildlife and natural spaces.

The competition has been created in partnership with the charity Wildscreen, who help people celebrate the natural world through story telling. The winning films and photographs will be screened and displayed at the Back from the Brink Festival in the autumn of 2019, through a Wildscreen-led event.Back from the Brink Festival - Film and Photography Competition - Copyright Ben Andrew

James Harding-Morris, Communications Manager for the Back from the Brink Project said, ‘Our Film and Photography Competition is a great opportunity for everyone to celebrate the magic of the species and landscapes that they care about. We want you to share stories of what you find beautiful, what you worry about losing, and the positive changes you find encouraging. Whether you see yourself as a filmmaker, a presenter or an innovator, this competition gives you the opportunity to inspire a nation to care about and conserve wildlife and habitats.’

The official submission deadline for competition entries is Friday 30 August, 2019 and winners will be announced in October 2019.

For more information, categories, guidelines and competition entries, please visit: http://naturebftb.co.uk/competition. To discover more about England’s endangered and threatened species, please visit: https://naturebftb.co.uk.