The over 50s are starting 2017 with attitude!

The over 50s are starting 2017 with attitude!

The over 50s know what they want and they don’t suffer fools gladly – tell us something we don’t already know!  However, in a recent survey carried out on behalf of the website, the extent to which people’s attitudes change when they reach 50 was shown.

The survey reveals that the over 50s seem to have learnt from their experiences and say they have changed their attitude to many aspects of life since turning 50. Over 41% have taken up new sports, 54% travel for adventure and half are more adventurous since they reached the milestone age.

Over 1,000 people aged from 50 to 80+ were polled in the survey about their changing attitudes to life. The top 10 changes in attitude were as follows:

  • 50% have become more adventurous
  • 38% say their priorities have changed
  • 37% will only do what they want to do
  • 37% don’t suffer fools gladly
  • 32% are more confident in their abilities
  • 31% only see people they really like
  • 30% make the most of every day
  • 30% have started new hobbies and pastimes
  • 29.5% don’t care about being popular
  • 25% spend more time with their families
  • 23% do more for other people

But perhaps the most revealing of the survey was when it came to their attitude towards relationships.  71% of those surveyed admitted that they had changed their attitude to relationships with a stunning 58% saying they’re not afraid to admit they are wrong! 52% say they are more tolerant and 38% claim to be listening to other people’s views more.

And they are a friendly lot, with 51% saying they’ll talk to anyone when they are out and about and 32% making an effort to meet new people and make friends. They have Joie de Vie: 42% laugh things off more easily than they used to.