5 Ways to resolve chronic foot pain

5 Ways to resolve chronic foot pain

Chronic foot pain is something that a number of people go through on a daily basis and it can cause you a vast amount of pain. However, with a number of development in treatments for chronic foot pain, it is easier than ever to find the relief that you need in no time at all and we have compiled a list of 5 of them below.

Begin to stretch out the foot

One of the biggest causes of chronic foot pain is a muscle that is beginning to pull. If this is the case, stretching out the foot every day with either a ball or grabbing the toes, this can help to strengthen the muscle and begin to lessen any pain felt in the arch of the foot. By following these exercises every week, this can help to reduce foot pain over time.

Try specialist insoles

If the pain continues, it may be better to try specialist insoles as these can support the foot and prevent pain. Whether you are dealing with flat feet or plantar fasciitis, orthotic insoles can support the foot until it has healed as this will allow the muscle to be supported and reduces the stress on each muscle.

Rest the foot

In addition to trying insoles, it may also be beneficial to rest the foot as much as possible. By allowing the foot to rest, you will not only relax the muscle, but you will prevent any further damage from taking place. Whether you decide to put ice on the foot or you opt for heat treatment, this can help to relax the muscle without the need for any harmful steroids making this one of the best choices for you when looking to undergo a speedy recovery.

Wear shoes that support the foot

Though insoles are beneficial during this time, it is important to wear shoes that support the foot. This will not only help to correct overpronation, but it will help to keep the muscles from stretching further, thus eliminating the discomfort entirely. Though there may still be a small amount of discomfort, this will make walking a little bit easier, allowing you to gradually stretch out any pain or discomfort.

Ice the foot every night

Icing the foot is also beneficial when caring for chronic pain as rotating between ice and heat will help to reduce swelling and relax the muscle. This is great, particularly for those that are experiencing pain in the arches of the foot as ice and heat can help to remove spasm. By rotating between ice and heat every 20-30 mins, you can then begin to heal the muscle and reduce swelling, combine this with pain killers to provide instant relief throughout the rest of the day.

With this in mind, there are a number of ways that you can treat chronic foot pains whilst providing stability throughout the course of the day allowing you to continue your daily routine with very minimal pain. Which of these will you be choosing?