5 ways to make your garden your haven

5 ways to make your garden your haven

When spring finally rolls around, it’s time to tend to your garden and spring it back to life again (pun intended)! Sure, staying inside in the warm can be cosy, but with the right decoration and furniture placement, you can make your garden a haven that you’ll want to spend every breath in! From teak planters to water features, there are countless ways to turn your garden into your sacred place, so we’ve helped you out here by listing a few!

1. Create A Zen Vibe

Turning your garden into your haven starts with the atmosphere – if it looks relaxing but doesn’t feel relaxing, then you’ve lost the point completely. Creating a Zen vibe is easily achieved, and usually depends on particular items of garden furniture as well as your choice of flowers – more on that later. A Zen vibe could be as easy as purchasing a large Buddha head from the local garden store, as this alone represents serenity and being at peace with yourself. Plus, creating a secluded area can give you the privacy you need in order to feel relaxed and Zen.

2. Incorporate A Cosy Bench Corner

Benches are like a garden staple, and you really can’t create the ultimate garden haven without one. Rather than opting for a standard bench though, why not opt for a built-in bench? These are becoming increasingly popular in both urban and country gardens, and look stunning when surrounded with the perfect foliage and decorations. A built-in bench is pleasing to the eye, and by dedicating an entire corner around it, you’re able to create a cosy haven in your back garden, perfect for peacefully reading a book or just simply chatting with your family on a warm summer’s day!

3. Only Opt For Luxury

While luxury garden items are obviously much more expensive compared to items that you can buy from a local department store, you’ll appreciate them much more when incorporating them into your garden. Luxury chairs, water features and even patio slabs will make your garden appear much more heavenly. While it will take time to slowly create your haven when opting for more luxurious furniture items, the outcome will definitely be worth it.

4. Choose Flowers Carefully

Flowers can make or break a garden landscape, so you’ll want to get it right first time. Depending on the theme of your garden haven, you’ll naturally want to select flowers that compliment your colour scheme in order to create a modest, calming, and most importantly ‘Zen’ atmosphere. Although, it isn’t all about the colour and aesthetic of your flowers. Instead, you’ll want to select flowers that also carry off a calming, pleasant scent that you favour above all others, as this will make your garden space more personalised and fit to be your new haven.

5. Try A Hammock!

Sometimes, creating the perfect garden haven can be a matter of opting for furniture that you wouldn’t normally incorporate into your garden – so why not try a hammock? These make excellent statement pieces when decorated well, and can be incredibly relaxing to lie in when choosing a luxurious, durable option. Picture it – book in one hand, refreshing beverage in the other, with the sun beaming down. What could be better?

Transforming your garden into a relaxing haven might seem like a daunting task at first, however it’s perfectly easy once you’ve selected the perfect garden furniture and foliage.