3 reasons to visit Halong Bay in Vietnam

3 reasons to visit Halong Bay in Vietnam

Thinking of going abroad for a beach holiday? Chances are, Vietnam has not crossed your mind. We tend to think of Vietnam for a number of things, including its history, its culture, and its famous street food. But most people don’t realise how ideal it is for a retreat by the sea.

Halong Bay in Vietnam is a stunning region, with emerald waters, limestone hills, and rainforest covered islands. It is everything you want in a tropical paradise, and there are good reasons to move it to the top of your list.

Getting there is easy as well. You can travel from Hanoi to Halong Bay at incredibly low prices, including taking a limo minivan for little more than a tenner. Consider spending a couple of days in Hanoi, taking in the culture, before some deep relaxation in Halong Bay.

Here are 3 compelling reasons to visit Halong Bay in Vietnam.

1. It is really cheap

South-East Asia is known as a cheap region to travel in, especially when you’re used to thinking in pounds. But Vietnam is particularly so, and Halong Bay will be one of the cheapest paradises you ever visit. A 5-star hotel will cost about the same as a 3-star hotel in other regions, with gorgeous villas available at even lower prices.

Food, transport, and island hopping are also incredibly affordable, and for once you’ll find yourself on a holiday that remains well within your budget. You’ll have plenty of spending money left for shopping, bringing home some of the delicacies, clothes, and souvenirs that Halong Bay has to offer.

2. Island hopping all day

By far the most popular activity for travellers to Halong Bay is island hopping. The many islands around Halong Bay are all magnificent in their own rights. Some are known for their crystal clear waters, others for their limestone hills, and still others for their forests. On an island hopping day trip, you will get to spend an hour or two in each place, soaking up the sun and feasting your aesthetic hunger.

Island hopping tours aren’t just about visiting different islands, though. They are also ideal for doing some snorkeling. The best thing about snorkeling on an island hopping tour is that you don’t need to be young or fit or experienced with snorkeling in any way. You don’t even have to know how to swim. You’ll get a life-jacket and snorkeling gear, and simply dipping your head underwater will connect you to a world of tropical fish, flora, and fauna.

Halong Bay - Vietnam - Free for commercial use No attribution required - Credit Pixabay

Halong Bay, Vietnam

3. It’s a World Heritage Site

The good news for Halong Bay is that it has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This means that it is protected from the worst impulses of greedy corporations and uncaring tourists. You won’t be dismayed by the state of the beaches, like you might at some Bali beaches, for example. The incredible sites will not be exploited by massive tourism companies. And the culture of the place is definitely not lost.

Halong Bay is so perfect for a holiday, because you get all the culture of Vietnam without the tirign chaos of a city like Hanoi. You’ll find the perfect balance and never want to leave!