Speaking up about care

Speaking up about care

Dear Editor,

Regarding your artical in the Mature Times paper on Oct issue “Worked up? Speak up” where CQC’s Professor Steve Field asks the public to speak up about care.

Sadly to say when I made a compliant to CQC last June about a care home my elderly friend was in, a lady from CQC rang me and told me I should not have complained about the care home and the manageress to Social Services. As being a manageress in a care home is a difficult job. As she was a manageress in a care home in the past she understands how hard it is. Also one toilet between 12 people is acceptable.

She did do an inspection on the home on 26th and 27th June and I was shocked at what I read in the report on the internet. Everything was good. She asked the residents where they happy there. How does she expect them to speak and complain when the manageress is lurking behind the door and ready to pounce when she leaves. She says she spoke to relatives and they were all happy. No mention of my complaint.

I was disgusted by this response to my complaint. Useless.

When I confronted the lady by email and told her how she made me feel bad by making a complaint. She said I didn’t make you feel bad. So she is in denial again about how she made me feel.

No apology at all.

It is the poor residents in these homes that suffer. So I would like to say to Professor Field what he is telling the public and what is happening are two different things.

Yours faithfully,

Joan O’Connell