Women doing what they do best – making friends

Women doing what they do best – making friends

A new friendship website has arrived in the UK which brings women together for fun, friendship, interests and adventure.

www.togetherfriends.com is the brainwave of mother of three, Helen King. With her children beginning to fly the nest, she suddenly found that she had more time on her hands and a whole list of ambitions that she would like to fulfil.  Like many women, Helen has spent many years in primarily a caring role, often putting her own needs behind those of her family.

She recognised that she would prefer to have a friend to share her plans with, and came up with the idea of togetherfriends.

Helen believes that togetherfriends offers a new concept in friendship.  “This website is unique – although there are many clubs out there that women can join and forums to chat on, there are few other sites where women are linked to just one other ‘friend’ at a time”.

Although based on the dating agency idea, Helen is keen to emphasise that it is not a dating site, just a friendship site for women who are looking for a friend, rather than the complications of a relationship.

She recognises that, even when in stable relationships with strong family support, women love to have friends. “Women love to meet for a coffee and a chat, to go to the cinema or walk the dog with.  Women gain great strength from each other, supporting each other through good times and bad. But there are times when we all feel isolated or fed up. Whether divorced, widowed or having moved to a new town, there are times when everyone is in need of a friendly face.”

Helen King

Helen King

Helen also feels that women do not always fulfil their ambitions due to lack of a companion. “Whether looking for a tennis partner, a travel companion, or a business partner, togetherfriends can help.

“Many people live in rural areas or are unable to join clubs due to lack of time, transport, or inclination. More and more people are living on their own and find themselves in busy jobs, isolated from families, finding it difficult to make new friends.”

togetherfriends.com aims to help fill the gap, enabling women to get in touch with each other who have not had contact in the past.


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