There will be an overwhelming no vote in Scotland!

There will be an overwhelming no vote in Scotland!

Much as I am praying for a ‘yes’ vote – what better way to get rid of the UK dead-wood, i.e. an Independent Scotland – I am certain that there will be an overwhelming NO!!

Even the most die-hard “Rob Roy” will throw a wobbly when confronted with the realities of the situation.

Mr Salmond and his cronies have been sussed. All they are interested in is getting a “Yes” vote and they have not really considered all the repercussions.

North Sea oil is down to its last few barrels, and once the huge oil reserves off the Falklands are exploited, will be history.

Scottish financial services will quickly relocate south of the border, where their customers are, as will anybody with a few bob who doesn’t have to work in Scotland.

If Salmond truly believes that Cameron, a few months before a general election will admit he was lying when he said “No pound for Scotland” he is more stupid than he looks. It would be political suicide.

And with the Euro not available he would have to print his own notes with, no doubt, his leering features . prominently displayed. Perhaps he could call it the “Leera”

The SNP will promise anything to get a “Yes”, and Salmond is beginning to look like a cross between Rab C. Nesbitt and Del boy Trotter.

“Stick wiv me Rodney, vote yes and this time next year we’ll all be MILLIONAIRES!!!”

Russ Norman-Noakes


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