On this week in history

On this week in history

Every week we go back to re-visit some of the significant happenings that took place in living memory; just about, for some of us.

big freezeTo remind ourselves of how life has changed and how some things stay the same it is fascinating to note what made the news this week in history, starting 22nd February.

1997: Dolly the sheep is cloned – A sheep named Dolly is cloned by scientists in Edinburgh and is being hailed as one of the most significant breakthroughs of the decade.

1955: Britain’s big freeze – Deep snow and freezing temperatures continue to cause havoc across much of Britain.

bill bailey1964: Cassius Clay crowned world champion – Cassius Clay, 22, is crowned heavyweight boxing world champion after a shock win over Sonny Liston.

Celebrity birthdays

22nd – Pop singer James Blunt is 44 and Television extraordinaire and games show host Bruce Forsythe is 89

24th – comedian and actor Bill Bailey is 52

25th – Singer Michael Bolton is 63