On this week in history 8th June 2015

On this week in history 8th June 2015

Every week we go back to re-visit some of the significant happenings that took place in living memory; just about, for some of us. To remind ourselves of how life has changed and how some things stay the same it is fascinating to note what made the news this week, starting 8th June 2015

1958   Queen Elizabeth opens a newly modernised Gatwick Airport

Nelson Mandela1964    Nelson Mandela    is jailed for life in South Africa

1982   Falklands ceasefire      agreed between Argentine and British forces

1983   Margaret Thatcher    leads the conservative party to a landslide second victory

1987    Margaret Thatcher wins   a record third term in office

1999    Air war on Kosovo called off by NATO

This week’s Birthdays

Bonnie Tyler8th              Singers   Bonnie Tyler    is 64 and Nancy Sinatra  is 75

9th              Actor    Johnny Depp   is 52

Johnny Depp10th            Royal   Prince Phillip   is 94

11th             Actor  Hugh Laurie is 56 and driver Jackie Stewart is 75

12th              Billionaire     David Rockerfeller    is 100

13th             Statesman   Ban Ki-moon   is 71

14th              Comedian Paul O’Grady is 60