Ways To Travel And See Multiple Destinations Without Backpacking

Ways To Travel And See Multiple Destinations Without Backpacking

There is nothing like travel to really open your eyes and let you try a host of new experiences. When you travel, sometimes you want to just head to a hotel and relax, whereas others want to see the sights and visit multiple destinations. When you are younger, the most attractive options tend to be backpacking and staying in hostels or camping. This tends to attract those on a gap year from university and those looking to travel on a budget. While it’s all well and good, once you get a bit older, the idea of staying in hostels and living out of a backpack diminishes rather a lot. Instead, you will look for more fulfilling travel experiences with some better home comforts. Here are some ways you can see multiple destinations without having to backpack.

Go on a cruise

A cruise is one of the best ways to see multiple destinations without having to worry about doing any of the work yourself. You simply get on board the ship and then are sailed to a myriad of destinations, discovering new parts of the world. You could put together guides of things you want to see before you get to your destinations, using sites such as Petit Futé travel advice to help you put together the best itinerary.

Try a coach trip

If you don’t really like the sea and want to travel to a few places, a coach trip is another great idea. You can book these through a travel agent or individual companies and they will sort most things from your accommodation to your transport and your activities. This is ideal if you want everything taken care of and don’t want the responsibility of driving anywhere yourself. All the hassle is taken away from you and you can see a few different places when you are there. These trips take place all over the world and can last anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks!

A road trip

If you like the idea of exploring numerous destinations and having the freedom and flexibility to take it at your own pace, a road trip is a great idea. You can either book your hotels and activities ahead of time or do it as you go and just head off when you desire. This can feel like there is a bit more planning to it, but people prefer not to have to stick to a schedule such as when you are on a cruise or pre-organised coach trip.

These are just a few ways that you can see multiple destinations without backpacking. There is something so amazing about waking up to a new place and seeing a range of new cultures, cities and locations on one trip but without any hassle and stress. These are great ways to do this and really enjoy the travelling part of your trip. What are some top tips you have for seeing multiple destinations without backpacking? Let us know in the comments below.