What more could you want?

What more could you want?

I’m writing in response to two of the letters in your February issue. The one from Maisie Robson, who was looking for a radio 4 alternative – if the lady has internet access, she could buy (or ask for as a present!) an internet radio, which would give her access to age UK’s station from her own home.

Or she could invest in a DaB radio through which she could hear BBC World Service – which is also accessible from a digital TV. Regarding the today programme, personally I think the programme is much better with some presenters than others, naming no names! Radio 4xtra is great if you enjoy drama and comedy programmes – again a digital-only station.

Turning to Walter J. Bourne’s letter, I did find him rather grudging over the BBC’s TV programming. I don’t know what his tastes are, but there’s a wealth of drama, wildlife, documentaries, history, arts, comedy etc…..I will mention a few. Outnumbered, Miranda, Line of Duty, Call the Midwife, Wild China, Britain’s Great War, The Culture Show, Imagine. Plus music – the Proms – and all the radio too!

Sometimes MT readers seem to be – dare I say it? – Grumpy old people bemoaning the fact that ‘things ain’t what they used to be’. Times change; it was ever thus. TV in this country is far better than in most other places and it’s still a wonderful world!

Sue Bowley, Poole