The Vax Air Cordless vacuum cleaner makes light work

The Vax Air Cordless vacuum cleaner makes light work

At last a lightweight cordless vacuum cleaner that is lightweight, easy to manoeuvre that cleans hard floor and carpets effectively.

The history of the vacuum cleaner has made rapid progress in the last few years with the invention of the bag- less machine and cyclone technology, but until I tried the Vax air cordless I did not realise how much easier housework has become.

I thought my carpets were clean having previously used a cordless vacuum but found it heavy and awkward to push around.   After hoovering the downstairs with very little effort I was shocked to find the cylinder of the new machine almost full.

And then I went upstairs, and it was all so easy.  No lugging a heavy cumbersome appliance to the bedrooms where I would usually have to have a rest before I found a convenient plug socket.  No rest and no plug socket necessary.

Out of kindness I allowed my husband to have a go and now I don’t ever have to do any vacuuming again.  He has taken over the chore completely.  As a stroke victim he has always been wary of doing the cleaning as he has a weaker arm but now he glides around the room like Freddy Mercury in I Want to Break Free.

The Air MotionTM means you can easily move it around furniture meanwhile the WindTunnel3TM technology has three channels working to remove the dirt with dual cyclonic suction for powerful cleaning.  It has a large dust capacity at 1.05 litres and is easy to empty.The fully charged battery last for 50 minutes and you get two of them, so no excuses darling.

It came with an extension tube that fits easily on the handle and makes cleaning the dog hairs (and sand from the beach) from the car a simple job, and of course no lead to get tangled.  The only slight fault is that the hose could be longer.

It also has a six year guarantee which is longer than some marriages.  Highly Recommended for those of us who want to dance with the vacuum not have a work-out.