Getting steamy!

Getting steamy!

Theresa Fisher reviews the Bissel Vac & Steam

Having always had carpets in my home, I have never even contemplated a steam cleaner. But now with two dogs, two cats, a litter of kittens and a messy grandchild, who insists on stomping through the house in his wellies, I thought it was time for a change and had vinyl flooring laid throughout. Brilliant. I don’t have to vacuum so much, and it looks JUST like the more expensive wood flooring I so desperately would like (but have yet to win the lottery for!).

So now I have a huge floor area, a carpet cleaner that has been made redundant, and a series of little feet bringing in some visible and some not so visible dirt into my lovely home.

Chemicals are not really an option with the occupants of the house, nor is getting on my hands and knees and washing, wiping and drying every part by hand. I had to find a better way.

And then the Bissell Vac & Steam came about! All in one unit – vacuum, steam cleaner, or both at the same time should you wish!


The vac setting is fairly powerful – it easily picks up pet hair, crumbs and small clumps of mud. Unlike most vacuum cleaners with plastic spinning brushes, the Bissel Vac & Steam has two strips of rubber brushes, which assist in the suction.

Getting Steamy

The steam has two different temperature settings depending on your flooring; and with a good sized, easy to fill water chamber, the constant flow of steam lasts for in excess of 15 minutes. More than enough time to do a medium sized room twice over!

Easy peasy

The Vac & Steam is not too difficult to put together – pieces just slot in. No screws, bolts or extra tools needed. The display is quite small, but the buttons for the different settings are raised, and click once pressed. It’s lightweight, easy to manoeuvre, and the steam attachment is easy to attach and remove.

It comes with two elasticated, washable microfibre cloth mop pads for the steam cleaning, and a set of discs which slip into the cloth and create a wonderful smell as you clean!


The Vac & Steam is priced at £149.99, but for a vacuum cleaner, steam cleaner, with all the added extras, PLUS a 2 year guarantee rolled into one unit, it’s a steal!

Available to purchase from Bissel Direct and also available from Lakeland LTD.