Typical media ‘gore’

Typical media ‘gore’

There can be no denying that the flight MH17 crash in the Ukraine was a horrific tragedy, and there is a need to “get to the bottom of it” to make sure that there are consequences if it was brought down by militants, but trust the media to go into gory details.

The BBC news website video gave due warning of disturbing images, and the newspaper that I bought at the supermarket stated that “Few of the images are unpublishable. Both however, showed harrowing close shots of personal effects – travel books, children’s books, clothing, diaries etc., and the newspaper went into almost unreasonable details of passengers fallen bodies found in atrocious circumstances

Is this apparent mass killing not sickening enough? And what about the effect on anyone who knew, or is getting on in years and has experienced enough of the tragedies of life and of our troubled world?

The restraint, lucid and informative but discreet reporting and respect shown by the quality papers of a few decades ago would not come amiss – or would this be “Politically Incorrect” and infringement of the freedom of the press?

Miss Katherine Watson