Tube strikes – be angry at Boris

Tube strikes – be angry at Boris

I’ve read so many letters and articles about the tube strike, and I find it really worrying that people are so selfish when it comes to how they view it. They tend to be “I’m inconvenienced, and therefore I’m against the tube workers”. What about a bit of compassion for others?

Few of us want all ticket offices to be shut on the underground (losing 700+ jobs), and so shouldn’t we support this struggle? Also, the idea of people withdrawing their labour seems alien to many people, but it’s an essential option to have, especially when your livelihoods are threatened. That’s why unions are so needed today. They keep the profit-driven business leaders in check, who always seem to be invisible at times like these.

I understand that many people depend on the tube, and that it’s a service, but let’s be a little objective here. Surely we can all tolerate a bit of disruption, if it helps us in the long run. Another worrying trend is people’s attitude of “I don’t get paid enough, and my job is insecure, so why shouldn’t theirs be”? What people should say is “Look, they’re fighting for better working conditions. Good for them, I wish I could do that.”

Boris Johnson has just closed ten fire stations in the capital, and put hundreds of fire fighters out of work, making us all less safe. He’s also pushing for police to use water cannons, as well as this assault on our London Underground. I say that the public’s anger should be targeted at him, rather than people simply trying to save their jobs.

Clive Collins/SW17