Lives less ordinary

Lives less ordinary

I used to feel quite depressed, feeling that the best and brightest part of my life was over, but fortunately another light switched on in my ‘senior brain’, which urged me to cast all negative thoughts away.

I’m 64 but I’m free from work commitments, have a senior railcard and can plan for the future years and think about new hobbies. I’ve just joined a lovely local choir, and also have stepped out of my ‘comfort zone’ interviewing people from all walks of life for my new book called Lives Less Ordinary.

This project has opened my eyes to how our world has changed over the last century. I listened to a lady, at Cando care day centre in nearby Raunds. She was born in 1918, her grandfather used to make Windsor chairs. Roma went on to tell me that her uncle was head gardener for Benjamin Disraeli. I managed to speak to over fifty people and continue to interview people.

I might have failed the eleven plus but that shouldn’t stop me trying to step onto a, ‘road less travelled’, it’s fun trying different things. I might be dizzy but I still have a reasonable brain. Anyway, isn’t failing not trying? Do you have an idea? If so give it a go: who knows where it will take you. Good luck.

Audrey Ellis by email