Travelling solo – it’s not that daunting!

Travelling solo – it’s not that daunting!

Do you live on your own? Are you a mature single person who wants to get out and explore but haven’t yet found a way of doing so? Do you want to see the world, but are fed up of being quoted expensive prices for a single room? Do you have a partner that cannot or will not travel? Or do you just want to travel with like minded people?

We are frequently presented with this dilemma by our readers here at Mature Times. Our readers really want to go on holiday but are concerned about travelling alone, and it will probably be for the first time in their lives. We decided to do something to help by going on a singles holiday for ourselves in order to bring you the benefits of our experience.

The most important part of single travel is that of safety, security, certainty and help and support when needed – but the overriding desire is to ensure that you see as much of the place you are visiting and have an enjoyable and relaxing time – after all you are supposed to be on holiday!

This is where the services of an established specialist tour operator come in and are invaluable – our choice was to travel with the established singles holiday operator, One Traveller, who specialise in holidays for the mature single traveller.

The company’s ethos is simple – and that is to provide their clients with the best holiday experience possible at a competitive price, whilst ensuring that they are looked after and escorted all the way from pre-departure to return to the UK.

A particularly important touch is the pre-holiday get together offered on most departures, and hosted by an experienced company representative or the actual Tour Manager who then travels with you. This gives you the welcome opportunity to meet your fellow travellers the night before you fly for a meal and drinks reception at a hotel close to your airport. This allows people to mingle, meet each other and start to build the friendships that are such an important part of the experience of travelling solo.

You are then met at your destination by your Tour Manager and unlike other companies, the same person remains with you throughout the duration of your holiday – in fact they always stay in the same hotel as you. Their job is to guide you on your holiday, to show you the sights, to introduce you to the local customs of the country you are visiting and more importantly to be there if there is anything at all that you might need. They all speak the native language as well as extremely good English and can help you overcome any language barriers; they could even help you learn some of the language!

Itineraries are well designed and give a good balance between seeing the sights you want to see and allowing you enough free time to explore on your own, or with the new friends you will meet. Each itinerary is well researched, and all or most excursions are included. Sometimes optional extras are available should you choose– although you always have the option to say no to these as well without feeling uncomfortable.

Your comfort and enjoyment is paramount to One Traveller, which is why numbers are carefully limited on each tour. Included within the price is a double room for single occupancy – so none of those small single rooms tucked away in corners of hotel corridors for you.

If you have often considered the idea, but have not yet had the courage to book, why not have a look at what One Traveller has to offer? With 18 separate holiday destinations and over 60 separate departure dates there is sure to be something that will interest you. I have to say that I experienced service that was first class from start to finish.

Their 2014 brochure is now out – to obtain a copy call them direct on 01760 722 011 or visit their website –

By Aidan Sawley