Texting me texting you

Texting me texting you

How lucky we all are to live in the world we live in today, thanks to McDonald’s and the like since inception has slowly eradicated family life.

No longer do we have to sit around a table sharing a family meal and talking and sharing one another’s problems, no we don’t have to do that anymore. Now we can send a family member or friend start texting the person who’s actually sitting next to us, saving on our vocal chords!

Let’s reminisce about how life once was like for those who can remember sitting round the family table and Sunday lunchtime to roast beef and Yorkshire pudding, or roast lamb with mint sauce.

Or a nice roast leg of pork with apple sauce, followed by apple pie, or apple crumble, home-made spotted dick, treacle tart and custard, jam roly-poly.

Most families never sit at a table now, usually sitting on a settee watching television, whilst indulging themselves in hamburger and chips, or some other form of fast food, bearing in mind the television is the master commanding silence, eliminating speech, unless one wishes to get told off – yeah this a great life!

Think how wonderful today’s telephone has become, always thought a telephone was to speak to another person, but today’s phones take pictures, send e-mails, one can use the Internet, they are calculators and calendars, can tell you where you are using GPS, so why do we wonder about freedom of speech, as in this world we no longer speak to one another.

by Dale Quentin