Technology is not for all

Technology is not for all

I read the article in the May edition of Mature Times just yesterday evening, entitled ‘Technology taken to task’. I beg to differ with the author on a number of points.

We most certainly do use dictionaries. I am typing this in my local library, and the chap at the next computer has a hard copy dictionary open.

As for “developments in computing, smartphones, televisions and other gadgets have made communicating with people easier and faster than ever before…” the sad fact is that via the internet we now communicate with machines much of the time, not real, live people. Humans are basically gregarious.

I always carry coins for ‘phones. I used to use ‘phone boxes fairly regularly, when a call could be made for 10p, then less often when it went up to 20p. The current price of 60p frightens the socks off.

And we are encouraged to exercise our memories, so I still remember some numbers. I feel that the article reflects the attitude of the younger generation, rather than the mature generation, many of whom either cannot or do not wish to use a plethora of electronic devices: do not judge everyone by yourself!

Richard Hall

Image courtesy of Les Chatfield from Brighton, England from WikiMedia Commons