How do I stop automated calls?

How do I stop automated calls?

My heart sank when the telephone rang this morning at 8.35 am as I thought it was an emergency. A relative ill, had an accident, or similar tidings of bad news.

But no it was yet another automated call telling me about a Government energy saving scheme and my eligibility for a new boiler, or my ability to claim thousands of pounds from my bank for mis-selling me insurance.

I have had so many of these and they are usually in the day when I’m out thankfully, or at 6ish in the evening, when I know not to answer the telephone, because it’s just another automated call.

Now they seem to be encroaching on my ‘me time’ and calling audaciously to interrupt The Archers, or as today’s did first thing in the morning when we all think it will be bad news.

Does anyone know how I can stop these automated calls intruding into my homelife?

Mrs Trelawnghy by email