How to support family members staying in India

How to support family members staying in India

As children and grandchildren get older, they have a growing desire to begin new adventures and experience life in ways that their parents or grandparents never did. Most of them will move abroad for various reasons, including business opportunities, better schooling, and many more.

It is natural for mishaps to occur when people travel abroad. The last thing that anyone wants is to feel lost and unsupported while stranded in a foreign country. If your family member happens to run into trouble while out in India, there are several ways that you can offer support. Here are a few ways that you can do so:

Provide emotional support

It is important to make sure that you stay connected with your family members while they are away in India. Most people are unaware of how easy it is to become homesick after a short while of being far away from home. This can help your loved ones stay connected and feel better about being so far away. Try to keep in touch with them at least twice a week to ensure that they are getting enough emotional support.

To stay connected, you can try using apps to communicate with your loved ones instead of using your phone. This will help you save money and avoid the fees that come along with international calling. You can try using apps explicitly made for texting and calling, or you can try to download social apps that have video or voice calling features.

Send care packages with goodies from home

Care packages are a great way to show affection and care to those in long-distance situations. Many people send various forms of care packages in many different ways nowadays. People like pen pals, long-distance couples, and family members living far away send them all the time. Care packages are usually pretty easy to make and ship, depending on what the contents are.

If you plan on sending any edible goodies, make sure that you try to include non-perishable items or items that don’t expire until months after the purchase date. Expiration dates within the month or week won’t be ideal since there can be a chance that the package gets lost or stuck somewhere. It can also experience delays. The last thing you want is for anything to arrive in bad condition.

Safely send financial support

Almost everyone traveling abroad has worried about not having enough money to get by each day. Most people naturally fall short, especially if they are going to countries with complicated monetary systems. In this case, it is always best to be prepared to send financial support to your loved ones. This ensures that they never have to deal with any financial complications. It can be a scary situation, but it can also be easily avoidable if travelers have help from other people.

If you are going to send money to India from the UK, the process can be incredibly dull. In most cases, you only have to get connected to a bank or use some app in order to send them money in just a few simple steps. Try to have a small stash prepared for them before they leave for the trip. Avoid giving them the money before they leave, as there will be a chance that they will accidentally spend it.


Remember that it is important to provide comfort and care to those in distress. If you remain calm and mellow, it can help your family members remain calm and mellow as well. Keep in mind that your help and support will make their experience wonderful and peaceful.