Your stars for the week 8th – 15th April 2016

Your stars for the week 8th – 15th April 2016

It’s your time to deliver a sunny shine, but confidence could be a little low. Avoid overstating your talents to compensate, but do list your brilliant past achievements.

A good time to communicate your needs but your health could be in need of extra care and attention. Ask relatives to help with trials and outstanding tasks to lift the strain.

Secrets and a little bit of duplicity operate with others trying to uncover whether you are listed in the Panama Papers. The plot thickens the broth you stir.

Success is yours as long as you assert your right to a more senior position and earn respect for your worthy skills and talents. Romance tickles your trip to the top.

Good luck is on your side so be confident that as long as you include deserving associates in your praise and winning team, World Cup status could be yours.

Avoid criticising and attracting hostility, and all will sail smoothly.You play a teasing devils advocate, try playing an angel in disguise instead.

Friends have been good to you, and new contacts have turned into much needed allies. A romantic link eases the way for a new partnership trend that keeps spirits high.

Team work and networking don’t always bring a result you hoped for. Be patient and better outcomes may lie behind some of the twists and turns that currently frustrate.

A little bit of magic and even some trickery keeps finances buoyant, but hopefully you aren’t falling prey to offshore tax evasion tactics to limit your legal liability.

Arguments with younger or less mature people can lead to a better exchange of needs and understanding if you steer them cleverly. Lifestyle changes help resolve conflicts.

Mystical, magical dreams keep you mesmerised helping you develop new ways of exploiting your talents and finding new interests to fulfil them.

The relationship front is more worthwhile, less tense with a greater sense that the people you are now close to serve your needs and goals more perfectly than before.