Your stars for the week 28th March – 4th April

Your stars for the week 28th March – 4th April

Lifestyle and home life should be quite rewarding so make the most of the trend by inviting a few friends and well heeled associates around to share the benefits.

You can be forgiven for feeling a change of home might bring better surrounds but are you really ready for the stresses and strains a move would create?

Spare time events look chaotic with some well planned outings being strangely interrupted. Don’t worry, focus on career progress where you have more control.

Friends and good fortune are on your side so accept as many invitations as possible to make the most of a better trend for expansion and improvement.

Take extra care of social interaction where your need to provide strength and support will yield many future benefits from those who are on the receiving end of your efforts.

Relatives may be feeling under the weather and look to you for help with everyday tasks. Finances need extra care, avoid taking out loans to meet a temporary shortfall.

Most of your efforts meet with surprisingly easy success, providing you with invaluable faith in higher powers aiding your goals.Romantic overtures lift your spirit.

A good time to get an image makeover, invest in a few accessories as well as purchase a few much needed luxury items to help you feel loved, cherished and successful.

Avoid returning to situations which really have run out of mileage. A temporary impatience with a major turning point in life needs careful planning to take you to new heights.

A relative brings a source of family pride earning praise and recognition for unusual achievements. Take time out to bask in their reflected glory!

You always attempt to bring about improvements for all and can be very self sacrificing and unselfish in your efforts. Currently Venus brings love and affection as a reward.

Stay away from difficult situations that will eventually lead to scandal or endless gossip. A family affair is raising eyebrows. Can you help negotiate a helpful solution?

Lunar Lore
On 30th March 1856, the ‘Treaty of Paris’ ended the Crimean war. Will New Moon in Aries 30th March 2014 bring a new march to Crimea’s future as it returns to the exact same degree as the Sun (representing the government ) in 1835, and is it fate not Putin that is in charge of Crimea’s destiny, or is Putin using an astrologer?