Your stars for the week 25th March – 1st April

Your stars for the week 25th March – 1st April

You can begin to heave a sigh of relief as tensions ease, conflicts subside and some mutual agreement arises, with compromises costing just a little ego bruising.

You are ambitious with many goals to achieve, but people around you fail to offer help or encouragement. Be prepared to work without team support.

A change of heart could make you rethink your career options. A new job offer helps you feel confident of moving in a more positive direction.

Someone in the family gets a career boost, bringing pride and cause for celebration. A new venture helps you think of different ways of earning a part time pot of money.

Relationships are in need of care and attention but a little streak of luck helps you find solutions to some irreconcilable of incompatible points of view.

Don’t let storm clouds stand in the way of sunshine and do allow your own sunny nature to shine a ray of hope upon some tricky situations. A little magic comes your way.

Everything revolves around important relationships but is someone demanding more than their fair share of your time? Negotiate a relationship time share as a solution.

A new love interest captures your attention but it may not turn into the perfect and permanent partnership you desire. Enjoy the journey but look for a new destination ahead.

Travel and work are a heady mix, and can take you out of the boredom of routine.Leaving loved ones behind means you need to invent unusual ways of showing you care.

A new space or place to live in helps you feel you have climbed another rung of the ladder to success. Nobody deserves a social promotion more than you.

A secret arrangement seems exciting bringing contact with new people in distant places who could possibly put a spell on your innermost hopes and dreams.

Love looks likely to catch you by surprise but may disappear as quickly as it arrived. Relax and spoil yourself to help you muse on cupids fickleness.