Your stars for the week 12th – 19th September 2014

Your stars for the week 12th – 19th September 2014

Some conflicts to deal with which could involve a friend who seems more competitive than usual. A rival for your affections needs careful handling.

A little bit of romance has been fuelling your fantasies and fears over the past few weeks. Find lessons in love’s past to solve your current dilemma.

Your competitive edge is peaking which is great for forging your way ahead but it does need moderating when dealing with those closest to you.

A trip with a neighbour or to visit relatives brings pleasant encounters as well as a chance to make new friends. You could be feeling its time to make domestic changes.

With Jupiter helping you stay jolly and optimistic trends look good for trying out new adventures and expanding your horizons.

Love heals but can also hurt, for sure. It could be a secret emerges to either rose tint your glasses further or make you take them off.

Team work pays off as well as keeping up with friends overseas and could you be burning the candle to kindle romance late at night?

It is tempting to use caustic comments to deal with irritable people but would it be better to bite your tongue to keep much needed friends on side?

Make sure you can really afford all those impulsive purchases before emptying your savings on items you may later regret purchasing.

Opportunities to join new groups bring you closer to interesting, well informed people who keep you entertained as well as supporting your aims.

New friends help you stay optimistic and are you finding it wiser to leave some old ones behind? A move towards parting seems inevitable unless you define boundaries

A lovely dreamy time for you but ensure you wake up once in a while to pay attention to the needs of others. A more diplomatic approach needs fostering.

Lunar Lore
The Babylonians used a lunar zodiac and excavations at Nimrod, Assyria unearthed one of their lunar based calendars.