Your stars for the week 11th – 18th July 2014

Your stars for the week 11th – 18th July 2014

An alliance could lead to exciting romantic ideas so get ready to plan a few entertaining and adventurous outings to help you get ready for love.

You can be forgiven for feeling slothful, lethargic and lacking motivation as Saturn continues his leaden hold over your affairs. Changes to domestic routine unroll slowly.

Love is looking your way so heads up ready to make eye contact with someone who keeps watching your smooth operation. Artistic expression spices up your charisma.

A female offers nurturing to help you decide a new direction. Hiding your innermost desires may only serve to give the wrong impression to others.

Are you indulging in a secret spin to avoid telling others what your true plans are? Get ready for all that to change as energies arrive to make you come out and party.

A new wave of optimism could begin to envelop you making you splash out on some major shopping therapy. Avoid running up totals on that credit card.

Become a team player and enjoy sharing responsibility for once instead of feeling it’s all on your own shoulders. A new venture will bring in new friends.

Is a friend playing it cool or breaking away to avoid your aggravation? Choose to either win the war and enjoy empty power, or keep friends who make life sweeter.

Friends rally around to help you feel loved and needed, encouraging you to have confidence in a whole new brighter, better future.

Investigate issues carefully before acting on confusing information given by others. They may not have your best interests at heart, ensure you can trust all you hear.

Get ready to do what only you can do best; branch out, make new social contacts and prepare to meet and greet the great and the good.

A new position may not be as high profile as you would like but at least your instinct to serve and care for others will be put to good use.

Lunar Lore
The Full Moon July 12th is opposite the Sun and at this time of year reputedly coincides with buck deer growing their antlers.Visit the nearest deer park to witness this event.