SoeMac – The Science of Sleep

SoeMac – The Science of Sleep

As an asthmatic insomniac with a snoring husband I jumped at the chance to test the SoeMac machine which is advocated as an aid to sleep.

According to the information provided, everyone can benefit from a SoeMac. It is particularly helpful if you are suffering from low energy levels, sleep problems, breathing problems or if you participate in sporting activity. Positive results have  occurred  in the following four groups:

  1. ASD and autism – children and adults with ASD/autism who report poor sleep show improvements in their sleep patterns and resulting cognitive functions.
  2. People with sleeping disorders and poor sleep.
  3. Those with breathing disorders such as COPD, asthma and emphysema.
  4. ME, fatigue and energy deficiency disorders, such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and MS.

How does it work?

The very simple explanation is that it increases the amount of energy in the oxygen passing through the device, and makes it easier for us to use, and better for us.

The more scientific explanation is that the SoeMac helps relax the lungs, allowing more oxygen into the body, and adds some “excitation” energy to the oxygen molecules, which is transported in the molecular bonds. This small increase in energy is very beneficial; as a result of more oxygen at the cellular level and this extra energy, the mitochondria in the cells produce more ATP (the body’s source of energy), with all of the associated benefits.

It is recommended to use at night time. Place the unit next to your bed at night. It can also be used in the office or at home if you wish. It is important to keep all doors and windows closed or ajar, enough to prevent a draught or too much air-flow, to get the maximum benefit from it. It is a freestanding unit and you don’t have to be physically connected to it in any way. It plugs into the wall and is almost silent, and uses less electricity than a 100w light bulb.

Tried and Tested

So I plugged the neat little silver box into the socket, positioned it on my bedside locker and turned it on. That was the hardest part. The small inset button has to be held down for at least 5 seconds before it activates with a rest light and a very low hum. My fingers were struggling to depress the switch which should be bigger.

image of SoeMac machineIt took a few days to notice any benefits and to be honest my sleep was not improved but I think I have to accept that I shall never sleep all night any night. However, the best effect was that having used it now for several weeks,  my husband has stopped snoring almost completely.

We have both noticed that our breathing is easier is it has helped with my asthma. On this recommendation I suggested that a colleague who has severe snoring problems, try the SoeMac, and he has reported a great improvement. In fact, when I asked for it back he advised that his wife would not let it go.

So while it has not solved all my sleep problems it has certainly made a huge difference and on the snoring relief alone this has to be worth the money.

Costing £419.00 per unit, it may seem expensive but sleep is so important. The price includes the SoeMac machine and three extra filters, It also includes VAT (at 20%), UK delivery, a 30-day money back guarantee, and a 2-year parts warranty.

For more information on this little wonder box go to  With their money back guarantee it is certainly worth trying.

Everyone is different so it varies from person to person, however you should start to feel the benefit within two to three weeks. We’re very confident it will work and offer a money back guarantee if you don’t feel any benefits after the first four weeks of use.