Sister Act

These grinning great-grandmother could be the oldest Brits to Tweet a no makeup selfie to raise cash for charity.

Sisters May Race, 93, and Brenda Page, 81, took a joint picture of their bare faces and each donated £5 each to Cancer Research UK.

Brenda said the pair decided to pose for their own picture because they had lost loved ones – including their sister Ann – to cancer.

Retired receptionist Brenda said: “We’d never heard of a selfie was but it was all a lot of fun. I have certainly never taken one before. We’re not well up with those things, you see.

“I had to concentrate while I was pressing the button, so my sister has a bigger smile than me. It was a bit iffy but huge fun.

“I never wore makeup even when I was younger so that part didn’t bother me. But May was always one for wearing it.

“It’s a cause that’s close to our hearts so we thought we’d have a laugh and go for it.”

Since it started last week the #nomakeupselfie trend has surged through social media with users raising more than £8 million.

May and Brenda, from Heacham, Norfolk, are from a family of nine siblings, and between them have 11 children, 23 grandchildren, 29 great-grandchildren, and four great-great-grandchildren.

Former pub landlady May said: “We’re both a bit old to do things like Race for Life, so we thought doing our own selfie was a way to make a contribution as well as having a bit of a laugh.”

The picture was posted on Twitter by May’s granddaughter full-time mother Jemma Greef, 40.

She said: “Nan is still recovering from a stroke and fall last year and she found it difficult to hold the camera herself, so mum held it while Brenda pressed the button.

“They were giggling so much we had to have four attempts!

“Nan and great auntie Brenda have always supported Cancer Research UK because they lost their sister, Ann, to stomach cancer.

“Also my dad died of prostate cancer several years ago and that had a big impact on the family.”

Jane Redman, Norfolk spokesperson for Cancer Research UK said, “We can’t say for certain, but we’re pretty sure May and Brenda are the oldest people to post a selfie as part of the #nomakeupselfie trend.

“Thanks to people choosing to donate to us we’ve been overwhelmed with donations and support in the past 48 hours. We’ve raised over £8m so far, and the #nomakeupselfie is still going strong.

“The trend isn’t something Cancer Research UK started so it’s been fantastic to see so many people getting involved and wanting to use their selfie to raise money for our life-saving research.”