Should Women Over 40 Use an Eyebrow Serum?

Should Women Over 40 Use an Eyebrow Serum?

Your eyebrows can naturally make your face more defined. Aside from giving character, bold and big eyebrows can also make you look good and stand out. Note, though, that just like your hair, your eyebrows also tend to become thinner as you age. This means that having thick and big eyebrows usually indicates youthfulness.

If you are in your 40s and already experience signs of thinning brows, you don’t have to be alarmed. There is a way to get full and thick eyebrows that can make you look attractive regardless of age – that is with the help of an eyebrow serum.

High-quality eyebrow serums contain nourishing ingredients, like natural oils that can boost hair growth and fill up your sparse and patchy eyebrows. These products are therefore the secret to upping your eyebrow game and ensuring that you look your best in your middle age.

What is an Eyebrow Serum?

An eyebrow growth serum is the ultimate secret to getting bold, thick, and dark eyebrows. It is mainly formulated to stop eyebrow hair loss, strengthen new eyebrow growth, and repair hair follicles, thereby revitalizing your eyebrows. Eyebrow serums often contain vitamins, like pro-vitamin B5 biotin, as well as oils and peptides.

Many brow serums contain peptides that promote the growth of healthy hair follicles. Other common ingredients used in brow serums are vitamins, biotin, and plant oils and extracts, like castor oil and sweet almond, that all work together in strengthening the hair and preventing fallout. This results in your brow appearing fuller, thicker, and stronger, especially if you apply it every day upon hitting 40.

Benefits of Using Eyebrow Serum

Should women over 40 use an eyebrow serum? Here are some of the benefits of an eyebrow serum, especially when applied daily.

Promotes hydration, nourishment, and regeneration

Eyebrow serum has components that can hydrate your brows and the skin beneath it. It is also highly recommended to apply it on your brows if you are in middle age as it nourishes them with nutrients needed for regeneration.

Remember that severe damage to your brows takes time to recover. You can speed the recovery and regeneration process with the help of an eyebrow serum, which focuses on damage repair and renewal as well as fortifying brow hairs.

Increases brow hair volume

Eyebrow serum can also make your eyebrows look even more beautiful even as you age. Many of the serums in the market right now are formulated to increase hair volume plus improve the look of the brow and the skin beneath it. They are designed to improve the gloss and colour of your brow hair.

With the help of these serums, you can stop worrying about your brow hair thinning as you hit 40. The reason is that many of the brow serums right now can thicken each strand over time. Expect to notice the growth and development of new brow hair on your brow’s ridge once you start to apply the right one, resulting in their thickened volume.

Speeds up hair growth

If you notice your eyebrows losing hair due to age, you can start applying an eyebrow serum to stimulate and speed up growth. Keratin, a type of protein that stimulates brow growth naturally, is a common ingredient in several brow serums. The presence of this ingredient may help in filling in the gaps and sparse spaces in between your brow hairs. It may also help increase the volume and thickness of your eyebrows.

Easy to apply

Another great benefit of an eyebrow serum is its ease of application. You do not have to apply too much of it. You just need to put on a little of the serum over your brows daily. Use your fingertips to brush the serum up and over your brows. If you’re applying the serum in the morning, wait for it to air dry a bit before applying your makeup.

How Long Does It Take for You to See Results?

While brow serums have different timelines in terms of results depending on their formulas and efficacy rate, the average time it would take to see improvements is around a month or two. Such improvement in density and length is possible with daily application.


Reaching 40 may cause you to encounter some changes – among which may be changes in your brows and hair. You may experience patchy and thinning eyebrows, too. If you are already experiencing such problems now, then you are likely aware of the hassle it can be to pencil in your brows each time you want to go out. You may have also spent money on pricey laser brow hair treatments or eyebrow tattoos.

The good news is that you can now avoid all those hassles with an eyebrow serum. With a botanical mix of highly effective and powerful antioxidants, peptides, vitamins, and oils, you can surely bring back the strength of your brow hair. It can also stimulate new growth so you can have the brows you’ve always wanted.