Remarkable Birds by Mark Avery

Remarkable Birds by Mark Avery

Robert Tanitch reviews Remarkable Birds by Mark Avery (Thames & Hudson £24.95).

Remarkable Birds by Mark Avery - Credit AmazonWe share the Earth with more than 10,000 species of birds. Mark Avery celebrates 69 of them. Humans have always had a special relationship with birds; and birds have inspired great art and great literature.

Which dads among birds are the best parents? Which bird can remain airborne for thousand of kilometres? Which birds are the most revered? Which birds are most likely to be soon extinct? Which bird is the top of the food chain? If you were a bird which bird would you like to be?

Bird song is deadly serious – song is about sex and violence not about joy and rapture.

The book, which also covers myth, legend, religion and ideology, is an airborne treat not just for bird lovers; it will convert those who are indifferent.  The text and the illustrations make for a delightful book.

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