Rewards for Veterans

Rewards for Veterans

When we heard that a member of the Armed Forces, who had recently returned from military operations, was denied a discount in a major high street store, but a student in front of him was given one, we knew we had to act.

Reward for Forces is a national discount scheme that offers serving members of the Forces including Veterans and their families premium discounts and benefits – Rewarding those who have served our country.

Servicemen and women, past and present, can sign up or fantastic deals with over 13000 local and national discounts. The website was developed to give Veterans a sense of community upon leaving the Forces and for them to see that they are still very much appreciated and respected for their service to their country.

Lets go poster image onlyRewards for Forces recognises that wives and partners are also entitled to claim forces discounts and make savings for the whole family.

With companies on board such as Merlin and Virgin holidays, families can look to save anything from £500-£1000 annually.

Reward for Forces are so thankful for the discounts offered through the UK with companies such as Apple, Frankie and Benny’s, Burton’s Menswear and Virgin Holidays, but we want more businesses to help the forces access these discounts and show their support.

They are asking for for Veterans to get in touch to let them know where they feel they would benefit from a discount.

Whether it is a clothing store, holiday company or anything else, they want to get the voices of Veterans heard and continue to provide them with useful discounts. If you would like to get in touch or would like more information, please email or call 01604 647770.

Rewards for Forces is free to join and gives access to thousands of benefits online at Members can also purchase an optional ID card which extends the discount scheme to the high street.

For more information on Rewards for Forces and the savings to be made visit