Please don’t close our library

Please don’t close our library

Please don’t close our library, it’s better than it looks.

It’s used by our community for more than reading books.

We have playtime and stories for the little ones, you know.

And the school kids come and study, with computers on the go.

There’s a class on the computers for those who cannot see,

And a monthly meeting held for some who still need help (like me!)

A part of our community are folk from Portugal.

And as well as learning English here there are books and tapes for all.

There’s a club for over-50s and a classic film show too.

And gardening club and knitting club and reading clubs – a few!

So please don’t close our library we need every single part.

In all of our community this is the beating heart!

by Moyra Pettengell, aged 78

Poem courtesy of the Speak Up for Libraries campaign.


Library image courtesy of Nathan Williams