Planning for your retirement and new life in France

Planning for your retirement and new life in France

Throughout your life you spend time planning for what’s to come, in school and university you work towards a career, your working life is focused on supporting your family but what about your retirement? What’s next?

You’ve probably had many thoughts and conversations over the years of how you would like to spend your retirement and we’re here to tell you that to truly make the most of your pension and your free times preparation is the answer. My-French-House works regularly with clients who are planning for this next phase in their life, making the most of not only every second but also every penny.

MFH8Having spent a lifetime of working tirelessly paired with the unpredictable weather in the UK, it’s no wonder that so many of you are looking to spend your retirement in sunnier climates investing in a property abroad. As our closest neighbour, France is home to over 170,000 British expats taking advantage of the laidback lifestyle, delectable cuisine and gorgeous properties notorious throughout the country. Much like buying a home in the UK it’s obviously recommended to seek some advice to ensure that you have everything in place ready for the day when your new life begins.

The My-French-House family work together as a team incorporating a complete retirement plan after all buying a home abroad is just one part of a happy retirement. Your options are endless, you are invited to enjoy this whole process by spending your weekends in France discovering your favourite areas, buying early to complete a renovation or even using your home in France to spend your holidays until the time comes for you to retire.

Now is the time to consider the best options to receive your pension, to have your insurances in place and so on, leaving you to enjoy the blue skies, crashing waves and lazy afternoons. Carefully planning your finances and retirement allows you to relax into your new home, for a retiree France offers you all the comforts from back in the UK with a touch of something special, the quality of life that you’ve dreamt of.


Whether you’re approaching your retirement or have been considering enriching your daily life help is at hand to achieve the lifestyle that you’ve worked so hard for.  Take a moment to read our Tips for retirees moving to France and if you want to learn more, then there’s a second part with even more top tips.

For personal advice based on your circumstances Patrick and his team at can assist you with all aspects of your move to France, including some opportunities that you may not have even thought of. A bientot …