Paula’s Wines of the Week – Top Ten White Wines For Under Six Quid 2014

Last year’s £5 and under wine category has gone up in price to Under Six Quid, thanks to price rises across the entire grocery sector, and expanded into Top Ten White Wines Under Six Quid of 2014 (this week) and Top Ten Red Wines Under Six Quid of 2014 (next week) as all the supermarkets have enhanced and expanded their existing cheaper wine ranges resulting in an even greater choice of value wines.

Discount supermarket Aldi can still hold its own in the cheaper wine categories but it had better watch out for the Co-op who have ramped up the quality of all their wines across all price points.

Despite a lot of publicity for Lidl’s new premium French wine range, it doesn’t make it into the Top Ten Under Six Quid but watch out for the later Top Ten lists in the coming weeks showcasing the more expensive wines.

So here they in order of price.

PG’s Top Ten White Wines For Under Six Quid

1 Tesco Vin de France White Wine
£3.99 Tesco
Aroma and flavour of light pear. Quaffable.

2 Hungarian Hilltop Pinot Grigio Kiralyleanyka
£4.49 Co-op
A very acceptable light lunch-time slurp that tastes of lemon, apple and peach.

3 Co-op Chilean Sauvignon Blanc 2.25 litre bag in box
£4.66 (equivalent price per bottle) Co-op, full price £13.99
This is not your usual over-the-top gooseberry tasting Sauvignon that takes the enamel off your teeth. This is more sedate with a nice balance of flavours – lemon and apple predominating with a bit of gooseberry.

4 Aldi Venturer Spanish Verdejo 2013
£4.79 Aldi
Flavours of tinned pears and cream.

5 Aldi Venturer Portuguese Vinho Verde 2013
£4.99 Aldi
A refreshing and aromatic wine that tastes of light lemon and peardrops with some gentle fizziness, which is what you would expect from a Vinho Verde.

6 Aldi Exquisite Collection Bordeaux Sauvignon Blanc 2012
Fresh lemon and toasted apple flavours. Flavourful and refreshing.

7 Pied Tanque Vin de France Blanc
£5.49 Majestic
Yes Majestic. They do have some wines under their main remit of £7+, and this is one of them. Plus it’s rather good. Apple, pear and lemon flavours that are refreshing drunk cold.

8 Morrisons M Signature Spanish Verdejo 2013
£5.49 Morrisons
A good partner to battered cod with its apple pie and pineapple flavours.

9 Co-op Fairtrade South African Chardonnay 2013
£5.99 Co-op
Creamy apple and light peach.

10 Sainsbury’s Winemakers’ Selection Argentinean Chardonnay Torrontes 2013
£6 Sainsbury’s
Lychee, apple, lemon and grapes.