Paula’s Wines of the Week starting 14 July 2014

Paula’s Wines of the Week starting 14 July 2014

Perfectly decent everyday wines made from less than everyday grape varieties sums up what Aldi’s new Venturer range of six wines is all about. Priced at either £4.79 or £4.99, the wines designed to take the tastebuds of their wine-buying customers on the ‘ultimate journey’ are also there to help those customers who don’t want to splash out an extra pound on their other new(ish) wine range, the premium Exquisite Collection.

So how do the Venturer range of wines compare to the balanced complexity of Aldi’s Exquisite Collection (reviewed here on 29 April 2013)? Pretty well when you realise that the price of all wines has gone up over the last year and finding consistently decent and drinkable wines at under a fiver is getting quite difficult.

So the taste expectation of the Venturer range is exceeded by its £4.79/£4.99 price point – the Venturer Vinho Verde is refreshing and aromatic while the Spanish Garnacha is fruity and flavoursome without being overly sweet as many red wines at this price range have a tendency to be.

But they can’t match the Exquisite Collection for refined flavours. But then they aren’t competing at the same price range any more – the Exquisite wines were mainly priced at £4.99 at their launch but have gone up a pound on this time last year. And that pound gets you whole lot more in the wine trade.

But not everyone wants to pay £5.99 for a bottle of wine. With the average wine buyer willing to spend £5.29 on a bottle of wine the £4.99 Venturer range must be aimed at those customers still looking for an even bigger bargain and wishing that they could still buy decent wines at £3.99 or under.

Well they can if they are prepared to shop at Tesco. Tesco’s own range single country wines are priced in the £3.50 to £4 range and offer perfectly decent food friendly wine, if that’s what you’re after (Tesco Australian Red £3.50, Tesco French White £3.89).

The Venturer range is a nice idea – less than everyday grape varieties at an everyday price range – but they have some severe competition across not only other supermarkets but within their own store.

So give them a go is my suggestion and if you like them, then buy them again.

PG Wine Reviews

Venturer Portguese Vinho Verde


Refreshing and aromatic with light lemon and pear drop flavours.

Venturer Sicilian Vermentino


An uncomplicated white with baked pineapple and apple flavours but with aromas of coffee and walnut cake.

Venturer Spanish Verdejo


Tinned pears.

Venturer Sicilian Nero D’Avola


Perfect match to pizza, pasta or chicken with its plum and apple flavours.

Venturer French Costieres de Nimes


Light cherry flavours.

Venturer Spanish Garnacha


Best of the range and the (joint) cheapest. Violet and cherry choc flavours, but with an edge.

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