Paula’s Wines of the Week starting 9 January 2017

Paula’s Wines of the Week starting 9 January 2017

When was the last time you didn’t have to pay for your wine? Not more than a month a go I’ll bet. Wine lovers often get bottles of wine as Christmas presents and I was no exception. My gift bottle tasted delicious but I won’t be replacing it using my own money as it is just too expensive. In the post-Christmas economy drive I need to find another way of boosting the wine rack contents for free. And I’ve found the answer – entering competitions.

Choose the right competition and winning one or twelve bottles of wine is a real possibility. Usually the prizes for many magazine, newspaper or website competitions are made up of newly launched ranges that wine companies are trying to get noticed. But when the answers to the one or two usually very simple wine questions nestle somewhere in the text above the entry form it seems rude not to enter.

Magazines posted out to supermarket loyalty card holders are a good place to look for wine prize competitions, as well as those quickly thrown away free papers shoved through the letterbox. So few people enter these that the chances of winning are always pretty good. Now where did I put that prize draw coupon?

Here are a few places you can win wine prizes right now:

Win a case of Adnams wine with Gressingham duck

Closes 30 January

Just name and email address required


Win £200 of Armit wines from Tom Cannavan’s Wine Pages

Closes 30 January

Answer the question by visiting the Armit website

Win a case of Oddbins wine

Sign up to the newsletter and then prize draw every month


PG Wine Reviews

Finca Las Moras Argentinean Malbec 2015

£5.99 Co-op (down from £7.99 until February 7)

Plum, toffee, coffee and liquorice flavours. A lot going on for the price.

Mount Rozier South African Merlot 2014

£5.99 Co-op (down from £7.99 until February 7)

Another great wine from the Co-op with potential for improvement for another 5 years (keep it some where cool with stable temperatures so the shed or the garage is out). Tastes of plum, cherry and choc.

Sainsbury’s Winemakers’ Selection French Merlot 2015

£6 Sainsbury’s

Fruity with a richness but still tastes quite light. Creamy plum and blackcurrant.

Domaine Saint Ferréol Tavel Rosé 2015

£6.49 Lidl

A pleasant rosé that’s more of a light red.

Aldi French Sancerre 2015

£9.99 Aldi

Sancerre, that’s Sauvignon Blanc under the place name label, tastes of melon, pear and lime. A really nice wine that goes well with food.


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