Paula’s Wines of the Week – 28th September 2021

Paula’s Wines of the Week – 28th September 2021

Wine Q&A: Where else can I buy SPAR’s PG Pinot Grigio Rosé?

Mandy got in touch at after reading the 3-star review of the PG Pinot Grigio Rosé (£6.49 SPAR) with its simple and refreshing strawberry Opal Fruit flavours to ask if it is available in other shops.

The PG Pinot Grigio rose is a SPAR branded wine and is part of their Letter Collection of seven wines, which also includes a white PG Pinot Grigio, C Chardonnay, SB Sauvignon Blanc, PN Pinot Noir and two other similarly labelled M reds that are Merlot and Malbec. These wines are only available in their shops.

But there are SPAR shops spread across the UK. You can find your nearest SPAR shop using the handy store locator guide on their website.

If you can’t get to a SPAR shop then there is an alternative wine – Morrisons do another pink Pinot Grigio called Pink A.S (As Flamingos) at £7.50 (3* rating).

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More SPAR wines recommended by

SPAR The Letter Collection Pinot Grigio 2020
£6.49 SPAR
Simple and refreshing with lemon zing and balancing sweet pear flavours.

SPAR Wildflower Pinot Grigio 2017
£6.50 SPAR
This pretty yellow wine has inviting aromas of apple pie, lemon, orange and peach. While it’s creamy and crisp flavours are a match to the sweet-sourness of Thai cuisine.

SPAR Primitivo 2018
£6.75 SPAR
Juicy blackberry and plum flavours with added liquorice and burnt toast make this a red wine to match to spicy Mexican foods such as chicken fajitas and a night in front of the telly.

The wine rating system uses a maximum of 5 stars:

5* outstanding – the top rating given by
4* very good wine
3* good wine but over priced
2* a disappointing wine
1* little to offer
0* avoid – pour down the drain

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