Two rosés that taste best at room temperature

Two rosés that taste best at room temperature

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Rosés drunk straight from the fridge provide a refreshing drink, but you may not be tasting them at their best. Two rosés that taste best at room temperature came to light while investigating the inside of several wine bottles for this column.

First impressions don’t count, especially when they’re formed after being in the fridge for an hour. By then rosé wines will have reached their supposedly optimum serving temperature of 8 degrees Centigrade. Tasted at this temperature the Co-op’s Coeur de Cordeline rosé and SPAR’s Rosé Mediterranée had a slight strawberry aroma and felt sweet rather than tasted of anything. I’m struggling to find any recognisable flavours.

Rather disappointed I put them down and wrote some wine column for 15 minutes. Stopping for a spot of inspiration, I took another slurp of the SPAR rosé – it tasted completely different. This insipid rosé had turned into a dry wine that smelt and tasted of rose petals. It now tasted like a light red wine.

Wondering if the Coeur de Cordeline had gone through a similar transformation, I took another sip. Again, there was now taste where there had been none – strawberry, gooseberry and coconut.

Both these wines need to be treated with respect and served at room temperature – perfect for wine lovers who want a tasty rosé.

PG Wine Reviews

Aldi Exquisite Collection Sud de France Rosé
£5.99 Aldi
Tastes just like a strawberry Opal Fruit – mouth watering.

SPAR French Rosé Mediterranee
Rose petals.

Coeur de Cordeline Costieres de Nimes French rosé
£9 Co-op
Strawberry, gooseberry and coconut.

Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference English Dry Rosé
£11 Sainsbury’s
Gentle raspberries.

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