Paula’s Wines of the Week starting 9th October 2017

Paula’s Wines of the Week starting 9th October 2017

Majestic Wine have just up-dated their wine purchase website making it easier to read the text on what-ever type of computing device you use. Having tested it on a laptop, Kindle and smart phone I can report no issues and no need to change my spectacles to find ‘the perfect wine in less than two minutes’.

Keen for you to explore the ‘new and improved’ website layout, Majestic greet you with an overlay message asking if you are ‘looking for inspiration?’. Feeling short of this I responded with a click on ‘Yes! Help me’.

Next followed some easy to answer questions which narrowed down the wine choice to a final ten bottles.

Having answered that I’d like some wine for me (rather than a gift or event), and that I loved all types of wine (not just a specific colour), and that I was rather partial to classic styles that were great with food, I ended up with the suggestion of the hand-selected quarterly subscription Wine Concierge Service priced at £99.

Being a bit out of my price range I tried looking for inspiration again, but this time chose the Best Deals option and found ten wines suggested to me – all of which were easily identified by the large and clear text and unencumbered by the extra couple of paragraphs of product description and wine maker background that used to accompany each wine profile on the previous version of the Majestic website.

The Domain de Villergeau 2016 Coteaux du Glenois French white at £11.99 looked the thing – particularly after being told that ‘95% of 21 would buy it again’. But just to be sure I clicked on the easy to find ‘More +’ to read that this wine was ‘As seen on TV’.

Unfortunately that didn’t reassure me so I chose the Mon Plaisir du Sud Blanc at £7.99 instead. Now that was inspirational as it turned out to be a fabulously floral and interesting white wine that was pronounced (by me but not my sofa companion and the consumer of the bottom half of the bottle) that this was a wine for drinking everyday.

Their choice was the Jean Loron Beaujolais at £9.49 with its flavours of raspberry and liquorice. But then 100% of two would buy it again.

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