Paula’s Wines of the Week starting 30th May 2017

Paula’s Wines of the Week starting 30th May 2017

When the empty wine bottle is as enjoyable as the just-drunk content then you know you’re on to a good thing – and you need look no further than Majestic’s new own-label Majestic Loves range at £5.99 a bottle to please all of the senses. Because it’s the cartoon bottle labels, designed by French artist Jean Jullien, that add the pièce de résistance to these really nice and affordable wines.

Known for his ‘Peace for Paris’ sketch of the Eiffel Tower within a circle designed shortly after the Paris terrorist attacks in 2015, artist Jullien’s commercial client base extends to restaurant chain Carluccio’s, Channel 4, NSPCC and now Majestic Wine.

The front labels on the first four wines in the Majestic Loves range all show the Jullien style: a front-on view of a Spanish bull with wine glasses balanced on its horns; looking down onto the heads of people sat around the plan-view of table shaped like a wine bottle, and two wine drinkers who now look more like the flavours found in the wine.

And the wine inside these collectable bottles is just as interesting – fruity, enjoyable and reasonably priced.

At present you’ll find just four in the range – a Spanish Red, a South African Chardonnay, an Italian Montepulciano d’Abruzzo and a Romanian Pinot Grigio – but more are planned soon and the full range of ten wines is hoped to be available during June.

Now that Majestic offers punters the opportunity to buy just a single bottle in store rather than the previous minimum of six, why not give these wines a go. And if it is only one bottle you’re after then go for the Majestic Loves Spanish Red – it’s the best of this initial bunch with flavours more in the range of £8.99 rather than the price tag of £5.99.

PG Wine Reviews

Majestic Loves South African Chardonnay 2016
£5.99 Majestic
Apple, melon and peach flavours.

Majestic Loves Romanian Pinot Grigio 2016
£5.99 Majestic
Light pear and lemon.

Majestic Loves Italian Montepulciano d’Abruzzo 2015
£5.99 Majestic
Plum and liquorice flavours.

Majestic Loves Spanish Red 2016
£5.99 Majestic
Damson, blackberry, cherry and vanilla yoghurt.

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