Look no cables!

Look no cables!

Patricia Vine reviews the Gtech Cordless Lawnmower

The demand for battery-powered mowers is increasing as their efficiency and effectiveness has greatly improved.  They are clean, green and easy to use. Throw in the ability to do your mowing without being subjected to the din of a loud engine, and you can easily see why lawn mowers that run on batteries are becoming more and more popular.

Of course, with a battery-powered mower, there’s no pull-cord, either. That feature, alone eliminates a major source of frustration and the need for muscle power.

Simple set up

The Gtech Falcon I tried arrived neatly packaged in a great box, which no doubt the grandchildren will play in afterwards.  There was no need to screw parts together or play around with fiddly mechanisms – the lawnmower came in three pieces that simply clicked together and the manual was as easy to follow as the lawnmower was to assemble.

Attach the bin extend the handle, insert the battery and you’re off! The mower easily coped with the slightly wet grass and doesn’t chew it up.

The powerful 36V Lithium-ion battery gives the Gtech Falcon up to 40 minutes’ runtime – enough to mow 384m2 (4,132ft2) or the average garden twice on a single charge.

Gtech Falcon cordless lawn mowerTried and tested

The lawn mower was super lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, and the fact that it’s cordless doesn’t just make it easier to use, it makes it so much safer too.

I was amazed at how much grass it holds! I used to have to empty my old lawn mower at least twice to do both back and front gardens, but I only had to empty the Gtech Falcon once – plus it’s easy to empty as all you need to do is lower the bar which releases the grass catcher.

There’s an indicator flap on top of the grass catcher to let you know when to empty it. When it’s time to empty the grass catcher this flap sticks up. If you’re like me and plunge into work with new equipment without reading the manual, then this is easy to miss.

Powerful, easy to use

This cordless mower is built from heavy-duty plastics and comes equipped with a rigid collapsible aluminium handle, an easy to operate gear lever-style cutting height adjuster, a large 40-litre mesh grass collector and a compact battery that powers the mower’s blade.

At slightly under 17kgs, the Gtech Falcon is quite a weighty thing, but I found its extra-large wheels made it so much easier easy to push around as they lifted it cleanly from the ground. Crucially, it cut the grass remarkably well and left no unsightly clumps in its wake.

Compact to store

Putting it to bed was an equally simple process – just push the handle down, unlatch it and swivel it over to the front and it collapses down neatly for compact clutter-free storage. Electric and cordless mower design has come on in leaps and bounds but few compare to this keenly-priced and extremely well built model.

The key benefits worth noting from my point of view are that the Gtech Falcon:

  • It’s lightweight so easy to manoeuvre
  • Cordless (so much safer)
  • Holds more grass and is easy to empty
  • Being cordless it allowed me to get the job done much faster
  • I could mow both my lawns in on one charge
  • I’m not worried about being able to start it on my own

If you’re looking for a reasonably priced battery operated lawnmower, then seriously consider this make and model – it works for me!

Where to buy?

The Gtech Cordless Lawn Mower costs £299 directly from www.gtech.co.uk, or call the 24-hour order line on 0845 519 3281 (calls charged at local rate).