This Gtech cordless lawnmower really cuts the mustard!

This Gtech cordless lawnmower really cuts the mustard!

Mature Times reviews the Gtech Falcon Cordless Lawnmower

I am sure I am not alone in finding lawn mowing more of a chore than a pleasure; my biggest gripe being the trailing cable and having to use an extension lead for the far reaches of the garden. So when MT were given the opportunity to test the Gtech Falcon Cordless Lawnmower I was a very willing tester!

The Gtech Falcon Cordless Lawnmower is a powerful rotary mower with an impressive cutting width, good manoeuvrability and folds down to allow compact and easy storage. It has a powerful 36V Lithium battery that takes approximately 5 hours to fully charge, providing a maximum of 40 minutes mowing time, which the manufacturers say is ‘enough to mow 384 square metres (4,132 sq. ft.) or the average garden twice on a single charge’.

Setting up is simple and the accompanying instruction booklet tells you all you need to know: how to fully charge the battery and insert it into the mower; how to adjust the handle length and the blade height; and how to store the machine. Having no cables to worry about or messy petrol cans to handle, this machine is very easy to use. As with all appliances, do make sure you read the instructions fully before you get going.

There are a number of good design points to the Gtech Falcon Cordless Lawnmower and one of the best is the generous 40-litre grass-collecting bin. As well as being a good size, the bin has a flap making it easy to see when it needs emptying and its soft mesh sides means that it is collapses slightly to make storage much easier than the usual hard ridged grass box.

The height of the handle can be adjusted to make mowing as comfortable as possible and using the mower is very simple indeed. All the controls (such as they are) are positioned on the foam-padded handle, where a bar-switch runs across the whole width of the handle, making it easy to adjust how you grip the handles to suit your wrists.

Once you have attached the fully charged battery, you merely have to push a button, pull on the bar-switch on the handle and away you go.

The cutting width of the machine is a whopping 43cm, allowing you to get close to the lawn edges and produces a good clean cut. There are 6 height settings for the blade, ranging from 3cm to 8cm in 1cm increments, which means you can very easily adjust the height depending on what time of year it is and what condition your lawn is in. The recent hot dry weather has left our lawn rather uneven but the Gtech Falcon Cordless Lawnmower tackled it with ease.

It weighs in at 16.9 kg, which may not sound very lightweight but it does compare well with other large mowers. Its four large wheels make it very stable and it’s surprisingly easy to manoeuvre; it coped brilliantly with expanses of lawn and negotiated flowerbeds and borders easily. Emptying the grass box couldn’t be simpler and collapsing the handle for easy storage is a doddle.

Gtech Falcon Cordless Lawnmower

Gtech Falcon Cordless Lawnmower

All in all, a great performer that is easy to handle and that will cope with whatever most domestic lawns can throw at it. All that and no cables! Highly recommended.

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Product Specification:

  • Runtime 40 minutes (max)
  • Weight 16.95 kg
  • 2 year guarantee
  • 32V Lithium battery with 1 year guarantee
  • Grass box 40L