Older drivers

Older drivers

Daily Express 27.7.15.  “Hundreds of older drivers lose licences after failing police roadside eye tests” under new police powers.

I hope these are done accurately & the level of daylight is taken into consideration. Government statistics show that older drivers are among the safest, which is why many insurance companies offer them cheaper insurance.

Young men under 25 have the most road accidents, and tests show that they often lack anticipation of road dangers ahead. For instance, they often don’t consider that they may meet an oncoming vehicle whilst driving fast round a bend. Insurance figures show that 1 in 4 young males have such a serious car crash in their first year of driving that their car is a write-off!

Older people are less likely to take risks, break the speed limit or talk on their mobile phone while driving. Any lessening of some older people’s physical condition is usually more than compensated for by their road experience, common sense and careful driving.