Out with the old stairlift, in with the new home lift

Out with the old stairlift, in with the new home lift

For years, having a stairlift installed has been the most common solution for anyone who has trouble getting up and down the stairs.

SCS 5But the relatively new concept of getting a domestic lift fitted has become an ideal and surprisingly affordable alternative to stairlifts. It can be more cost-effective than moving house or downsizing to a bungalow.

There are different products available but, the range of electric home lifts by Stiltz Lifts, are totally unique to the market.

Unlike a stairlift that can only be put on a staircase, the Stiltz Lift can be installed almost anywhere in the home.

This is made possible because the lifts are non-hydraulic and plug straight into the wall using a normal 13-amp power socket and travel via an innovative self-supporting dual rail system so no structural walls are required.

The Stiltz Lift is compact, with a footprint of less than seven square feet, but spacious enough to comfortably carry two people. It is also quieter than many stairlifts.

SCS 1While the basic design of a stairlift has not changed in decades and is dated in appearance, these home lifts are modern, sleek and a welcome addition to any home.

Typically, the home lift will be installed between a downstairs room such as a hallway or living room and arrive upstairs in a bedroom or on the landing but the options are virtually limitless.

Standard features include a remote control to call the lift from any floor, a battery back-up, full height light curtain, full or half height doors, obstruction sensors, and the roof of the lift is covered with the original flooring so when the lift is downstairs it does not intrude upstairs.

For wheelchair users that do not find stairlifts help them, there is also a Stiltz wheelchair lift model available which is big enough to fit a wheelchair

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